Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Special news...

Hey, just in case you are desperate for something in these last days before Christmas...

The companion work to the Saga called Quayment Short Stories is now on sale! You do not even need a special code. It is regularly $8.87, but it is MARKED DOWN to $6.91.

It has two very curious stories about what happens at the Weaver home on Christmas, and a bunch of other unusual things - and the best thing is that you do not need to commit yourself to reading the WHOLE Saga... you can bite off just enough to chew, and then swallow. Though I have a feeling you may be wanting more later... and there is plenty more to come.

Indeed, for the literary stewpots are just starting to simmer again, and soon the cook will have to start stirring...

Don't forget to check out the Advent savings on the first five installments of the Saga... see the next posting, and the one after that which lists all presently available parts.

Update: yeah, the sales are STILL GOOD until and including Epiphany, January 6!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Special news for Advent

Happy New (Liturgical) Year!

It's the first Sunday of Advent, and since people may be looking around for Something Good To Read - for themselves, or perhaps to give as a gift - you may be interested in hearing about the Advent special for the Saga.

The first five books of the series are "marked down" for Advent, provided you use this "Discount Code" when you order: YA6LKN5E

The titles included are these:
The Wreck of the PHOSPLOION
The Black Hole in the Basement
The Creatures That Live in the Walls
The Horrors in the Attic
The Tree of Virtues

Also, be sure to check out my new non-fiction, Subsidiarity, which can be ordered here. It has its own blogg too. I should point out that the fictional version of Subsidiarity is now being proofed - it happens to be a PREQUEL to the Saga, the long-awaited Joe the Control Room Guy...

Meanwhile, I suggest you get out your Bible and read the book of the prophet Isaias, who is the definitive Advent writer... for He is coming! Prepare the way of the Lord! Make straight His paths!


P.S. Note that it says "a" prequel. There are others. And yes, we will meet John Fisher and Joseph Chandler, we will see the Rising Darkness (as John Fisher put it) and learn about his Plan. In another we will meet Al Root, and learn more about the Chandler Bells. Yes, there is plenty to look forward to...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Now Available: The Elements Fight for the Virtuous

For the feast of St. John Damascene...

The tenth part of the Saga De Bellis Stellarum, the last of the five parts of "From Darkness Into Light" - which is titled The Elements Fight for the Virtuous is now available!

You can order it here.