Friday, August 1, 2014

I Will Lift Up My Eyes: the Bill Grosjean stories

Just in time for the new school year there is now a NEW collection of short stories that happen at Howell College in Stirling, Pennsylvania... stories featuring Bill Grosjean as a young college student. Find out more about him and the mysteries of Old Main, and even the role played by Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

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Here is the "blurb" from the back cover:

High in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania is a small town named Stirling. It is the site of Howell College, which was founded shortly after the Civil War. Howell is not a big college, but it is part of a Plan - a plan devised by a brilliant engineer named John Fisher, a complex and far-reaching plan to confront Evil and advance Good – a plan which had become all but lost in the passing of years, amid the wars and struggles and turmoils and changes of the 19th and 20th centuries.

And so Howell's hidden treasures awaited a future generation. Perhaps the greatest and least-known of those treasures was the Chandler Bells: a ring of nine bells made soon after the founding of the school. The bells were hung in the tower of Old Main at Howell, and they were never rung except in dire need – but when they were rung, remarkable things occurred.

However, by 1996 the very existence of those bells had been forgotten. Forgotten by the town. Forgotten by the college administration and by its faculty. Forgotten by the students, even by those students in certain organizations whose existence depends upon remembering, upon the passing on of minor local traditions in the style of a family – that is, forgotten even by the fraternities. It was a terrible thing to forget the bells, because there was dark evil at work, and more than anything else the enemy wanted to thwart Fisher’s Plan.

And then a young man named Bill Grosjean entered one of those fraternities, a very young man, a man with a most remarkable gift: the gift of a powerful and perfect memory. And so, just as it says in one of that fraternity’s songs:

With the help of brothers dear
And of God, we’ve naught to fear...
Was it all part of the Fisher Plan? Read on, and learn for yourself.