Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Novel Truth about this Real Fantasy

I have discovered a novel truth about the Saga.

Typically such "fantasy" writing is considered "escapist" or other such terms, selected to indicate a certain kind of refusal to deal with the "real world".

On the contrary, the Saga is Superlatively Real, because it RESTORES to our common lives a measure of something lacking: Virtue. Sacrifice. Honor. Devotion. Dedication. Courage. Interest in Things of the Spirit. Adventure For the Sake of Others.

This is not simply "real", but radically Real, and perhaps Quite Dangerous, since our Enemy likes us to feel dull, disappointed, bored, lethargic, satisfied, and interested in the mundane... oh yeah, and especially our Enemy wants us to prefer short stuff, little stuff, stuff that is in tidy nibbles, sort of melt-in-your-mind's-mouth, 140-character (or 15-second) granules of Bland.

The Saga, on the other hand is TOUGH, CHEWY, AND (to the disappointment of a very strange faction who ought to know better) QUITE LENGTHY...

Sure, there are risks I am taking by writing it... and there are risks YOU are taking by reading it...


Also, as Bernie Brown points out somewhere: we have allies who are more than a match for our enemies.

Let us move forward in confidence, therefore - because:

Our help is in the name of the Lord. Who made heaven and earth.

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