Friday, June 24, 2016

Where To Order the Books of the Saga

Just in case you are having a hard time finding how to order, I will leave this at the top. See below for the main "bloggy" part of this blogg.

To order, please use the "e-stores" reachable by the following links.

1. The Wreck of the PHOSPLOION

The Three Relics:
2. The Black Hole in the Basement
3. The Creatures That Live in the Walls
4. The Horrors in the Attic

5. The Tree of Virtues

From Darkness Into Light:
6. Three Things Which Go Well
7. What More Do You Want?
8. Os Olhos do Condor (The Eyes of the Condor)
10. The Elements Fight for the Virtuous
11. Ite Milites Audaces... ("Go, daring Knights")
12. Esto Miles Pacificus ("Be a Knight of Peace")
13. Et In Luna Pax ("And on the Moon, Peace"; subtitled "How the Pope Went to the Moon")

And these companion works are also available - these are collections of short stories:
Quayment Short Stories
I Will Lift Up My Eyes
More Quayment Short Stories

Joe the Control Room Guy

And, if you prefer non-fiction, there are these:
The Problem With "Problem-Solving Skills"
An Introduction to Heraldry
A Twenty-First Century Tree of Virtues

Halfway between these is this remarkable volume:
A Guide to the Ambrosian University
which contains a good deal of non-fiction in that it reveals an implementation of Cardinal Newman's "Idea" of a University - but it also contains the thrilling tale of how Mike, Matt, and Mark Weaver attend orientation week at the Ambrosian University in Milan, Pennsylvania. Exciting for both hemispheres of every functional brain.

Finally, if you are curious and want to TRY some stories before venturing into the world of the Saga, there are four short stories over at Loome's:
The Story of Driftwood
The Story of Serendipity
The Story of the Wreck of the Argent Eagle
The Story of How Mark Earned a Dragon

One more thing: there's more to come... stay tuned!


  1. Are you going to make them available as ebooks? A friend recommended them, and I'm definitely considering seeing if my kids like the first one, but I plan to buy them a kindle for Christmas, and will switch to buying ebooks for that. We don't have enough room for them to own everything in paper!

  2. I notice "Joe The Control Room Guy" on your shelf. Is that available now?

  3. Cedar, Unknown: I am very glad at your interest, and hope you enjoy the Saga!

    (1) RE "KINDLE": At present I have no plans to do this; I tried doing the conversion by the AMAZON tools and it does not work. Also, there are many advantages to books, and few to the electronic form: I see no need for anyone to do word-counts of such nonsense, and all the "search" tools I see on the web don't work right anyway: it's funny to see all the results I get when I search for "Quayment"! Too bad no one studies automata theory any more...

    But since you are interested, I will think about it some more. Maybe AMAZON will patch their code.

    (2) RE "Joe": That copy (like all the others) is a proof; I hope to release it very soon. Please check back.

    Just to fill you in: There is also another series of short stories being collected, and I have some non-fiction in process - some cool stuff about challenging problems in software development.

    And if you want a rumor: yes, there is a rumor there is MORE to the Saga. The gang has already visited Blackstone, and are presently in Japan... but I dare not say any more in this public forum. There are rules about such things, you know! Hee hee. Stay tuned.