Friday, April 26, 2013

Some News about the REAL Weaver's bookstore

So many readers of this blogg and of the Saga are wondering how to get to Quayment. Unfortunately I can't seem to coax the Map thing into giving me driving directions, though I know darn well you just go south on 100 from North Belloc until you hit Route 801 near Blueville, and then head east!

Note: do NOT try to get off at Route 505. That's not a public road. It leads to Mortimer and the Dark Valley...

Anyway, there is another bookstore which in many ways is the true predecessor of Weaver's - the exceedingly famous Loome Theological Booksellers. It's no longer in an old church, but it's still in Stillwater, Minnesota. They are having their grand opening sale today (Friday) and tomorrow - but perhaps like me that's too far to drive. But my friend Chris has posted two interesting stories about their new place, here and here, which will be of interest.

And if you stop by tell them the Doctor in Pennsylvania says "hello"...

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