Sunday, August 25, 2013

Today: Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yes, the calendar of the Real World has caught up to the Saga... and we now embark on the same journey as our young friends from Quayment...

But finally, the day of transition came. Sunday, August 25, Bernie and Marty went to Mass at St. Ambrose’s up at the top of the north hill. They went with their parents for brunch at Shelly’s. After that, they loaded their gear into the old station wagon Bernie had gotten earlier that summer, and they set off on their four-hour drive north, into Pennsylvania, to the little mountainous town called Stirling, the home of Howell College.


                They parked behind the dorm and carted their things up to their room. They peered around the place curiously. It was a suite for three: a large central workroom with three desks, three chairs, and three comfy chairs by the windows. Open doors led to two smaller bedrooms with doorless clothes closets and chests of drawers: one room, slightly larger, had bunks, the other had a single bed. Obviously, the third person had not yet arrived.

                “I don’t see why we shouldn’t take the bunks,” Marty said. “I’d like the top, if you don’t mind.”

                “Sure, that’s fine. I wonder what our roommate will be like.”

                “We’ll find out soon enough, I guess. But let’s get moved in, then we can go get some dinner.”


                “And the first thing after that is to check out the chapel. Remember what Dr. Grosjean told us?”

                “Oh yeah... It’s open round the clock... the founder wrote it into the college charter that the students were always to have access to the best possible means of assistance...

                “Exactly. I guess it’s not Catholic, but they have Mass there, and it will be a good quiet place. We’ll need it.”

                “Oh yeah.”

[PJF Three Things Which Go Well]

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