Monday, May 7, 2012

Now Available: The Creatures That Live in the Walls

Part 3 of the great Saga De Bellis Stellarum, entitled
The Creatures That Live in the Walls
is now available!

This is the sequel to The Black Hole in the Basement, and tells of the further adventures of Mark Weaver, one of the Weaver triplets at the famous bookstore in Quayment.  Among other things you will meet an old friend of Mark's, see some nasty teratoids (they are the "creatures that live in the walls") and watch Mark go on a very curious ride... or three... but I must not say too much.

It can be ordered here.

Incidentally, just in case you are wondering about the - er - arrival times of these publications, it has more to do with what might be called production of the printed book than the much more difficult activity of writing. At this time, a very large portion of the Saga is written, so you should have no fears about encountering a kind of "Edwin Drood" effect, though that's up to God, not me. The writing is proceeding, and hopefully you will not have to wait long for the remainder. Also, we are not dealing with a Tolkien sort of multiple-Age thing entailing huge expanses of time... the earliest events of the Saga are in the 1840s (roughly), and the latest (as far as I am able to determine) are in the 2010s; indeed, nearly all of the Saga occurs in the years of the 21st century, and the yet-to-be-told events of longer ago will appear either as flashbacks (if they prove necessary to the main threads) or as ancillary works. Hence, as I said, you need not fear.

Also, I can inform you of this: Once the next installment comes out – that is, The Horrors in the Attic – I will release a collection of Quayment short stories which will help fill in a few details, and give me a little time to catch up on other matters.  Stay tuned...

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