Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Now available: The Horrors in the Attic

Today's great news - for the feast day of St. Rita, saint of the impossible - what I once thought would be impossible... the completion of The Three Relics, the first major component of my Saga De Bellis Stellarum!

Yes, you can now obtain all three installments - click to visit the e-store and order:

The Black Hole in the Basement
The Creatures That Live in the Walls
The Horrors in the Attic

And don't forget the introduction:
The Wreck of the Phosploion.

The next installment being prepared is a collection of short stories, simply titled Quayment Short Stories, which will help fill in some background, or if you are not yet willing to venture into such a vast and unexplored cosmos, these stories won't commit you to a huge intellectual investment. They may also provide some useful laughing.

I hope to resume the main thread of development of the Saga once certain logistical matters are resolved; the next installment is The Tree of Virtues. Note: just to be clear, that installment and a huge amount of what comes after is ALL WRITTEN, but the production into the published form is not instantaneous. As the Dean says in The Creatures That Live in the Walls "you can't be in three places at once."

Stay tuned!

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