Thursday, May 31, 2012

Now Available: Quayment Short Stories

So you are curious about Quayment and all that, but you're not sure you want to commit to some crazy lunatic series of vast but indeterminate length?

How come? You scared? Afraid that maybe it's going to be EVEN LARGER than you thought?

Oh, you wimp! Hee hee. It's almost certainly larger than you thought - or than I thought - but it sure isn't boring. But look - now you won't have to be scared of mere largeness. You can get a bunch of SHORT STORIES that will give you a taste, enlighten, entertain, and tantalize - but you won't have to worry - er - at least not TOO much - about committing yourself to reading lots more.

Well...yes, the Saga is huge... it's hard to say just how huge, but from where things presently stand, it's "larger than the largest known whale". (That's a famous quote for which I will have to supply the attribution another time.)


As I was saying you can now obtain a collection of short stories which will give you some fascinating details about the Weavers, their friends, and the town - all of which will help embellish the larger Saga - for when you are ready to make that plunge.

Just visit Quayment Short Stories where you can see the cover and read the blurb, and order it.

And for completeness, here are the titles presently available:
The Saga De Bellis Stellarum:
part 1. The Wreck of the PHOSPLOION
part 2. The Black Hole in the Basement
part 3. The Creatures That Live in the Walls
part 4. The Horrors in the Attic

Companion: Quayment Short Stories

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